Stava and Restimo Together for Gastronomy

Stuart expands the pool of available technological integrations. Thanks to the collaboration with Restimo, all clients of both companies can speed up order management and deliveries. Restaurateurs will save time with automatic dispatch of orders from the Restimo app to the Stuart system.

Technological integrations are crucial for professionalizing deliveries and the growth of the gastronomy market in Poland. They streamline the operations of venues, save time for restaurant teams, and ensure better consumer experiences.

"Consistently, we are implementing a strategy to develop our offerings for restaurateurs by integrating with gastronomy solutions. Complementary products and services should be linked because it's a huge value for restaurateurs. From Stava's and our partners' viewpoint, this is also a vital tool in building business," says Grzegorz Aksamit, Vice President and CTO of Stava.

Restimo is a tool for managing orders from various sources but through a single tablet. With the collaboration with Stava, restaurateurs can utilize the services of a specialized courier fleet and the Restimo platform in a straightforward and intuitive way. The key benefits of both companies' cooperation, from their clients' perspective, are saving time on order handling, enabling restaurateurs to focus more on what they do best - preparing delicious meals. Another significant advantage of the integrated systems of Stava and Restimo is the reduction in incorrect orders.

"Every day, we see how challenging it is for restaurants to handle multiple tablets. Moreover, manually transcribing data from a food app to Stava was generating unnecessary errors and extending order preparation time. With our integration, restaurants will cut costs, and customers will receive their meals faster," observes Arek Bielecki, co-founder of Restimo.

Stava is a leader in the food delivery market in Poland. It operates 62 branches and is in the process of launching several more. Stava's branches employ over 1000 drivers who serve hundreds of restaurants and shops nationwide.


We are a leading franchise in the meal delivery industry. The courier services offered by our branches help restaurants and stores grow their business based on deliveries, reducing the meal delivery process to just a few clicks on a tablet. In all locations, we carry out safe deliveries of groceries and food according to the highest sanitary standards. Stava is a signatory of the Code of Good Practices for Franchise. More information can be found at and


We are a foodtech company that creates the Restimo application for the HoReCa industry. Restimo integrates courier companies (Stava), food delivery platforms (Pyszne, Uber Eats, Glovo, Bolt Food, Wolt), online ordering systems (UpMenu, Choice QR), and POS systems (Dotykacka, ID POS) for restaurants. More information can be found at

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