Restimo Secures 1.2 Million PLN from Business Angels

The startup is developing a system for restaurants that integrates orders from popular food ordering apps and solves the problem of the "tablet hell".

Restimo today announced the closing of its first investment round, amounting to 1.2 million PLN from private investors. The company has created an application for the gastronomy industry that integrates well-known food delivery platforms, courier companies, and POS (Point of Sale) systems. This allows restaurants to manage the entire ordering process in one place and eliminate other devices that often take up much space in the kitchen and cause "tablet hell." Daily restaurant operations typically use many different systems and devices, while Restimo integrates them into one tablet.

The company had previously received investment from the Belgian fund EIT Digital. Now, a group of business angels joins, including Małgorzata Sitkowska and Nicolas Jedraszak (founders of Daily) and Michał Zawiasa (founder of, who have successfully developed their own foodtech businesses and will support the company in its further development. The capital raised will allow for further product development, expansion of the sales and customer service team, and marketing activities. The company is also preparing for international expansion, targeting the entire Central and Eastern Europe region and Scandinavia.

"While working at Glovo's headquarters in Barcelona, I noticed how challenging it is for restaurants to manage multiple tablets. Managing orders, updating menus, or reporting separately for each app used to take waiters many additional hours, even days of work over a month. We simplified this to just a few seconds," says Arek Bielecki, co-founder of the company. "We are delighted that such experienced entrepreneurs are joining our investors. Their industry experience and contacts will help us achieve our goals even faster," adds Tomasz Marcińczyk, co-founder of Restimo.

The company serves restaurant chains such as North Fish, Makarun, Charlotte, and many others, and is present in over 25 cities in Poland. Restimo collaborates with all leading food ordering applications in this part of Europe and now plans to expand cooperation with courier companies and POS systems.

Restimo ( is an application for the gastronomy industry that integrates popular food delivery platforms, online ordering systems, courier companies, and POS systems. This allows restaurants to manage the entire ordering process, update menus in real-time, and draw conclusions from consolidated statistics. Everything is done within one system, enabling the elimination of other devices.

Restaurants use even dozens of different systems and devices for daily order management, while Restimo integrates them into a single tablet.

From left: Arek Bielecki, Tomasz Marcińczyk, Marcin Nowak

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