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Stuart and Restimo will ensure a smoother future for gastronomy

135 hours and over 3,000 PLN per year – these are the tangible benefits experienced by restaurateurs open to innovative order management technology. The logistics platform Stuart, offering fast deliveries, has partnered with a company at the intersection of modern technology and traditional gastronomy, Restimo. The combination of fast deliveries with integrated sales channels in restaurants will bring additional value for customers and players in the industry

Every second Pole expects restaurateurs to combine online sites with physical locations to facilitate the process of reserving tables and ordering meals. The multitude of systems and devices also causes sleepless nights for restaurant employees, for whom efficiently handling orders from various channels is often one of the most challenging tasks. In many cases, orders need to be individually accepted and transferred to the appropriate internal system. The human factor leads to mistakes, and manually rewriting customer data, address, or selection of ordered dishes only adds to the burden.

In contrast to these problems, companies like Restimo are creating solutions to support the efficiency of the system and the integration of sales channels. For example, they allow for automatic transmission of data flowing into the POS system, courier company, or receipt printer. Thanks to the aforementioned collaboration with the Stuart platform, the delivery process is also automated, enabling couriers to quickly receive accurate information about the meal delivery location and its recipient.

Online Orders with Problems

- A delivery made to the wrong address ranks as the number one situation frustrating customers. This usually results from passing incorrect contact details and address to the courier. On average, every 20th order contains incorrect information, leading to the loss of the order and incurred costs, and sometimes even the loss of a customer. That's why it's so important for couriers to receive the correct data - explains Agnieszka Majewska, General Manager at Stuart.

Combining delivery service with a cohesive food ordering system is a way to achieve shorter delivery times and avoid inaccuracies during the merging of data and customer address. As a result, the customer can benefit from a faster, error-free delivery, increasing their satisfaction. Simultaneously, the cost borne by the restaurateur is reduced, as they do not have to deal with correcting mistakes.

- Due to the automatic transmission of order data from Restimo to Stuart, restaurants are able to cut down the preparation time by an average of 1.5 minutes. Assuming that about 15 orders are processed daily, the annual saving amounts to 135 hours. Taking into account the average hourly wage of an employee, this can translate into an annual saving of 3,375 PLN - explains Arek Bielecki, co-founder of Restimo, a company that collaborates with chains such as Charlotte, North Fish, and Makarun.

New Opportunities for the Third Anniversary

Both companies are celebrating their third anniversary of presence on the Vistula this year, having been developing in this market since 2020. This is a good moment to look for new strategic solutions and opportunities to deliver additional benefits for a broadly understood group of clients, including restaurant guests, venue owners, and chefs. Therefore, the timing of their joint efforts is not coincidental.

The main goal of the collaboration and the introduction of these actions is customer satisfaction, which will likely lead to repeat orders, positive reviews, and possibly recommendations of the restaurant to friends. This is a beneficial scenario that, apart from increasing efficiency, also reduces the marketing costs borne by restaurateurs, making the acquisition of new customers effortless.

About Stuart

Stuart is a company in the field of technological logistics that has revolutionized urban deliveries since its inception in 2015 in Paris. Committed to delivering logistics for a sustainable world, Stuart connects businesses of various sizes with high-quality couriers, offering industry-leading deliveries based on precision, speed, and flexibility. This is made possible by innovative logistical technology and operational knowledge, enabling global retailers and local companies to meet their customers' needs for on-demand, same-day, and next-day deliveries. Currently, millions of deliveries are made monthly through the Stuart platform in over 150 cities in Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Poland. More information can be found at

About Restimo

Restimo is an application for the gastronomy industry that integrates popular food delivery platforms, online ordering systems, courier companies, and POS systems. This allows restaurants to manage the entire ordering process, update menus in real-time, and draw conclusions from consolidated statistics. Everything happens in one system, which helps eliminate the need for other devices. More information can be found at

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