Efficient Order Management with Delivery Without Chaos in the Kitchen and Business, Thanks to the Integration of Dotykačka and Restimo Systems

The Restimo application integrates most of the popular food ordering and delivery services. Integration with the Dotykačka system represents the first technological collaboration with a POS system provider.

Restaurant owners have realized that online sales — both through their own website and via popular food ordering and delivery services — open new business development opportunities. The rapid adaptation to the food delivery sales model, which at the peak of the pandemic was used by even 40% of consumers, was a lifeline for many gastronomic companies during the crisis. Another blow to the industry — this time related to high inflation and economic slowdown — is prompting entrepreneurs to seek tools that allow for cost optimization and increased business efficiency. A response to these needs is the integration of the Dotykačka POS system with the Restimo application.

The Restimo application enables the management of all orders and deliveries from a single tablet — regardless of the channel they originate from — without the need to manually transcribe them into the POS system. Automation of the information flow shortens order fulfillment time by up to 33% and reduces the risk of errors by as much as 75%. Integration of all online sales channels in the Restimo application also opens up the possibility of centrally creating and updating the menu — descriptions, photos, prices, and availability of dishes — on all platforms simultaneously. Restimo also aggregates all sales data in the form of clear and easy-to-analyze reports. Based on these, gastronomic business owners can make more accurate business decisions. Statistical data from hundreds of restaurants across Poland using the Restimo application indicate that it has enabled them to increase revenues by up to 25%.

"The online POS system Dotykačka is effective in a wide range of activities, but it is particularly favored by gastronomic companies. This preference is due to both the multitude of functions useful in gastronomic businesses and the open architecture of our system for integration with external systems and platforms," says Marcin Marciniuk, Product & Support Manager at Dotykačka. "I am confident that the integration with the Restimo application will be a stimulus for current and future Dotykačka system users to expand their gastronomic activities into online sales with delivery, as well as the beginning of a new stage of business development," adds Marcin Marciniuk.

"The ever-increasing popularity of food ordering and delivery services is a huge opportunity for restaurateurs, but also a significant challenge due to the need to manage multiple applications and tablets. Managing orders, updating menus, or reporting separately for each application previously took waiters many additional hours, even days of work per month," says Arek Bielecki, co-founder of Restimo. "Thanks to the integration with the Dotykačka system, we automate the entire process — from the moment the order is placed by the customer to the settlement in the POS system. Our technology helps to realistically reduce the operational costs of the venue and increase revenues, among other things, by creating virtual restaurants," adds Arek Bielecki.

The Restimo application integrates most of the popular food ordering and delivery services, enabling own online sales and courier companies, including Uber Eats, Glovo, Pyszne.pl, Bolt Food, Wolt, Stava, Choice QR, and UpMenu. The integration with the Dotykačka system is the first technological collaboration with a POS system provider.

The subscription plans for the Restimo application are divided into several segments — tailored to the scope and specifics of the gastronomic companies' activities. Besides the system itself, the company provides free advice on developing a long-term delivery strategy to fully utilize the system's capabilities and increase the profitability of food deliveries. To learn about Restimo's offerings and sign up for a free trial period, simply visit restimo.com and fill out a simple contact form.

"We strive to be as close to our customers as possible, understanding their businesses, needs, and expectations. This enables us to create and offer a POS system that is a business operating system for them, going far beyond standard sales service," says Jerzy Łochowski, Country Manager at Dotykačka. "An important part of the development strategy of the Dotykačka system is integration with technological partners who provide our clients with solutions that bring real value to their operations and enable them to develop quickly and efficiently. Restimo is one such solution," adds Jerzy Łochowski.


Dotykačka is a provider of an innovative next-generation POS system, trusted by thousands of clients – small and medium-sized retail, gastronomic, service, and hospitality businesses. The Dotykačka online POS system, operating on the Android system, offers effective and reliable support to entrepreneurs in running and developing their businesses.

Users of Dotykačka receive a complete cash register solution, integrated with leading market technologies such as services for handling orders with delivery, cashless payment solutions, and e-commerce platforms. The Dotykačka system also smoothly and securely cooperates with a wide range of devices and accessories, including online fiscal printers, payment terminals, digital scales, cash drawers, barcode scanners, and many others.

The business group to which Dotykačka belongs serves tens of thousands of commercial users in Europe every day.

For more information, visit www.dotykacka.pl.

Restimo is a foodtech company that develops an application for the HoReCa industry. Restimo integrates food delivery platforms, online ordering systems, courier companies, and POS systems for restaurants. It aids in key areas of a restaurant's online operations, such as managing all orders from a single device, updating menus in a collective panel, and aggregating sales data from multiple channels for informed business decision-making. The application supports every type of gastronomic activity, including restaurants and bars, fast-food chains, bakeries and cafes, as well as dark kitchens and virtual restaurants.

The company serves such restaurant chains as North Fish, Berlin Doner Kebap, Charlotte, Orzo, and many others, and is present in over 25 cities in Poland.

For more information, visit www.restimo.com

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