How to increase restaurant profitability in 3 steps? - webinar by Restimo, Wolt and UpMenu

The events of recent years have changed Poles' attitudes toward eating out and have influenced the popularization of ordering meals home. Because of this, restaurateurs have had to change their approach to logistics and planning, and running an online catering business is becoming a leading trend in the industry. On May 22, during a webinar by Wolt, Restimo and UpMenu, industry representatives will present how to build a long-term food delivery strategy using modern solutions.

With the rapidly changing food service market and HoReCa industry, there is a demand for tools that will reduce costs and optimize customer service processes. One of the solutions is the use of ordering service with delivery, and here the key is, among other things, an attractive presentation of the offer and efficient delivery. To maintain the highest standards of service and develop business in the spirit of modern trends, it is therefore necessary to automate and synchronize processes.

With help come Wolt Drive, Restimo and UpMenu, which, through the integration of their systems, have created a solution for more efficient order collection and faster delivery of restaurant meals to customers. Wolt Drive provides an on-demand third-party courier fleet for orders placed through the restaurant's own channels, while Restimo allows orders from all delivery channels to be collected in one place and menus and price lists to be updated simultaneously. With UpMenu, we will independently create our own website with restaurant offerings and the ability to process payments online.

We invite you to a free webinar on May 22 at 10 a.m., during which experts Maciej Statkiewicz (Wolt), Piotr Uroda (Restimo) and Marta Szczakowska (UpMenu), will explain in 3 simple steps how to increase restaurant delivery profitability and improve business management using technology. During the meeting, the presenters will discuss, among other things:

- How to efficiently manage all orders, keep them updated and automatically send orders to POS and couriers?

- Why develop online sales channels?

- How to use technology in deliveries and entrust the delivery of orders to a fleet of couriers?

- How to efficiently integrate Restimo, UpMenu and Wolt Drive systems, automate the ordering process while leaving delivery logistics in the hands of a proven fleet of couriers and increase restaurant profitability?

To participate in the webinar, click the LINK and fill out the registration form.

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